“Quite simply the best event I have ever attended”, Marco Hellberg, Project Manager Strategic Business Development, RTL Deutschland


Videos of all presentations and panels from 2013 available here

Thomas Port, Managing Director, ProSiebenSat.1 Media delivering a keynote on Day 1


Headlines from the 2013 Conference

Sky Media attracts new money to TV with Sky AdSmart
One-third of the advertising campaigns Sky Media ran during the test-and-learn phase of Sky AdSmart represented new money for TV, driven by local advertising. 6 million homes are now live ahead of a full launch next year. Read Story

Digital-first strategy does not cannibalize TV, says ProSiebenSat.1
The German broadcast group is making British and American TV shows available to online/multiscreen viewers two months ahead of traditional broadcast audiences, and it is increasing overall reach. Read Story

Efficiency improvement of 19% for targeted campaigns on 4oD
Nine million people have registered their details, including age, on the Channel 4 on-demand service, giving the broadcaster the chance to offer targeted campaigns. These have resulted in a notable uplift for brand awareness and overall efficiency. Read Story


Future TV Advertising Forum 2013 – Pre-show articles and information

ABC proves the value of the unified TV/digital ad buy – Rick Mandler, VP, Digital Ad Sales at ABC Television Network. 

The U.S. network offers advertisers a single CPM rate for their target demographic across any screen, covering traditional TV, ABC.com, Watch ABC, Hulu and Hulu Plus. It assumes all viewers are of equal value, whatever the device, and has proved it.  Read full article


Cablevision is revolutionizing linear TV buys with Internet-style model – Tad Smith President, Local Media at Cablevision Systems Corporation.

The company uses the intelligence from STB tuning data to aggregate small audience bases across long-tail channels into audiences national advertisers can use, then sells them on an impression or CPM basis. This is for classic linear spots.  Read full article


Verizon ready to make DAI easier for programmers – Marcelo Lechner, Product Manager for FiOS TV, Advanced Video Advertising at Verizon

The U.S. operator is preparing for a beta trial of Dynamic Advertising Insertion for free VOD. The company has made a big effort to harmonize the advertising processes with what programmers already use online. Read full article


Data-driven advertising will attract new money to TV –  Russell Marsh, Group Strategy Director at RAPP

Direct marketers will redirect budget to TV if it can reduce waste and get them in front of the right people, a leading DM agency believes. The growth of connected TV enables behavioural targeting, which makes these objectives possible. Read full article


Future TV Advertising 2013: TV unleashed - 
What the fusion of broadcast and digital means for television advertising across all screens

Future TV Advertising Forum 2013 is about taking the best of ‘TV’ and ‘digital’ to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of television advertising across all screens. The biggest focus is Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) including what it means for all stakeholders, how we implement it in practice and what the DAI ecosystem needs to look like. It considers how the industry will manage more data-driven advertising and how we value and trade targeted audiences. The conference looks at new ways to buy and sell, including the role of Real-time Bidding (RTB) for premium video and there is a focus on multiscreen, notably how you unify and optimize cross-platform campaigns and advances in cross-platform measurement and trading. Time is also dedicated to Smart TV and second screen advertising.

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